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6 - 11 June 2024

An enchanted interlude in the Biosphere Reserve of Luberon Regional Nature Park.

Embark on a regenerative and joyful immersion in the magical beauty of Provence - soak in its colors, textures, scents, sounds and flavours, and form meaningful connections with people who get you.


Connect to nature, ignite your creative energy and turn your sensitivity into your ally
Particularly beautiful in June with the various shades of greens of the garrigues and the azure blue sky, the vibrant ochres of the Provençal Colorado is a natural paradise that invites your heart to soar.

This amazing retreat will touch on all your senses and all aspects of your being - physical, emotional, mind, creative and soul.

You’ll walk the ochre canyons, listen to the sounds of wildlife, share laughter, give free reign to your creative expression, and relax into rediscovering lost dreams and new possibilities as you celebrate and uncover the next chapter of your life.

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You wake up to the sounds of the garrigue with a view of a typical Provençal garden.

Enjoy a nourishing breakfast with local organic ingredients (think fresh rustic french bread & Mediterranean seasonal fruits) gently soothed by the soft morning light, before spending the day exploring your creativity and your senses with a variety of transformational workshops  and exploration of the region.


In the morning, meet your inner wisdom through mindful & creative practices lead by Rim and other local healers.


You take the afternoon to rest or to explore local gems - the ochre canyon and its wildlife, the picturesque & colourful perched villages, the unique flora and fauna.

Explore your creative voice, and relish in a slow rhythm, get into the creative flow and find the courage to express your unique voice through artistic activities.

You feel free to let you guard down and you enjoy sharing insights with other people who see you and get you.

Then, after some resting time on your own or a dip in the swimming pool, time for a sunset garden dinner party with delicious products from the "terroir", while sharing experiences and laughters, with the cicadas playfully singing in the background.

After dinner, come together under the moon, in a joyful and safe bonding space, and share dreams and stories.

Or simply relax in the quiet of the night, before falling asleep to restorative sweet dreams.

"I have enjoyed a lot the 30 days creativity retreat.  

I loved the varied daily activities.

It helped me cope with anxiety, it provided a break from my days in quarantine, preventing me to feel bored and stagnant. And it really sparked my interest into digging deeper in my artistic self.


I would definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues!"

Caroline, 38

George, 28

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Loving Words From Our Previous Workshop Participants


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Feeling like taking a break from it all when life feels just too much? 

Ever wished for a LOT of quiet time and breathing space?


You’re a kind, empathetic and compassionate soul. Incredibly sensitive to everything the world has to offer. 

You are deeply moved by nature, beauty and art.


You feel life intensely, you have so much to give and share with the world.

(You’re secretly moved to tears by these adorable little rabbits and cats cuddling and making cute funny faces.)

You’re always the person friends or colleagues rely on when they need to unload.

Yet somehow you keep finding yourself misunderstood and undervalued by others.

  • Your senses are more developed than the average but you have trouble finding it useful.

  • Particularly sensitive to other people's struggles and all the pain in the world, you tend to take on too much and carry everyone's burdens, neglecting your own wellbeing in the process. 

  • You have difficulties saying no, even when it goes against your needs.

  • You’ve been called tense, too emotional and well, “really too much” at times so to protect yourself from getting hurt, you close off your heart and shut down at times, not allowing anyone to know how vulnerable you are. 

  • When feeling uncomfortable, you tend to withdraw and hide in your protective shell.

  • Constantly second-guessing yourself, your mind tends to spiral and your thoughts loop in your head without respite. 

  • Some days, you really feel caught in a personal time warp, stuck on your personal version of Groundhog Day, while it looks like everyone else is getting on with their life, light and unencumbered by such heaviness. You may even wonder if you're ever gonna get it right one day!

Does this sound like you?

If this feels like you, know that you are not alone.

You’ve been conditioned by patriarchal, corporate society that sensitivity, feelings and emotions are wrong.

That creativity is only useful to a few selected members of society and that the rest of us must conform to our tight little corner.


It couldn’t be further from the truth though! 


If you’re feeling frustrated, depressed or even trapped by your circumstances, like life has lost its flavours, it’s time to reconnect to your superpower - your senses, emotions, feelings and creativity.


If you’re ready to embrace your high sensitivity as a gift instead of a curse, come join me and a small group of like-minded souls in Provence for 5 magical days to reignite your dormant dreams and desires while cultivating new and exciting possibilities!


We’ll nourish our bodies with delicious healthy food, deeply regenerative reflexology massage, and gentle movements in nature.

We’ll connect to our senses through the sounds, flavours, scents, colours and textures of the gorgeous Luberon landscape and learn how to trust them.

We’ll immerse in the beauty of our surrounding. And we’ll honour what we’ve accomplished in our lives so far, as well as exploring what we’re ready to create next. We’ll re-awake our creative energy and go on a peaceful and joyful adventure to excavate our potential that is longing to shine. 

By the end of our 5 nights together, you’ll be relaxed, re-inspired, and ready to dive into the next chapter of your life with clarity and new found confidence in yourself. 




Enhance your wellbeing and inner peace

Quiet the chaos within and tune into your inner world, connect with the wisdom of your soul, your heart and your body.


Tune into your senses & sensitivity

Developing trust in all the wisdom of your super developed senses & learn how this is your superpower


Learn how to regulate your nervous system on the go

Liberate yourself from fight or flight mode and soothe your nerves, so that you can have more clarity.


Improve your relationship with yourself & bond with like-minded sould

Develop and strengthen self-acceptance, self-compassion and unconditional self-love.

Form meaningful friendships with people who get you and value you for who you are.


Connect with nature and merge with it

Soak in the wisdom of the local flora and fauna. Ground yourself in its nurturing warmth. 


Awaken the artist within, and creatively explore self-expression

Get in the Creative Flow & Learn to allow space for ideas, impulses, synchronicities come into your life


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Have further questions? Please contact us or book a free exploration chat with me to get your questions answered.


A secluded spot in the middle of nature, lulled by the inimitable light and colors of Provence

The region:

The Luberon Regional Nature Park, a UNESCO Global Geopark and Biosphere Reserve, know for its magical and healing vibe, is located in the southeast of France, in the heart of Provence.

It is known for its rich and special fauna and floral as well as its great diversity of landscapes.

Its limestomes massifs, forming canyons and combes, are privileged nesting places for the largest and rarest birds of prey in Europe. 

Vegetation is an unusual mix of Mediterranean and Alpine species, with various microcosms:

Evergreen oaks, pines, cedars, beeches and firs cohabit with vineyards, meadows and lavender fields.

The Climate: 

Early June is a great time to visit the region and enjoy the sight of all its flower fields blooming (sunflowers, poppies, and lavender, depending on the year), with dry, sunny weather, just before the crowds invade the area for summer.

Provence has a dry mediterranean climate. 

Average temperatures in June fall between 20°C (68°F) and 26°C (79°F).

Nights and early mornings dip around 15°C (59°F) at this time of year and it can get windy at times (the Mistral), so plan a warm layer. 

Out and about: 

It is located 30 min walk away from the village of Rustrel.

Rustrel is a tiny village nestled at the foot of the Plateau d'Albion, dominated by a beautiful 17th century château.


Our guest house is 4km away from the Colorado Provençal (amazing ochre cliffs and canyons), 8km from Apt 16km from the Lavender trail. 

1h20 away from Avignon and from Aix-en-Provence. 

Many perched villages dot the territory, each with its own charm.