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The Empowered
Sensitive and Creative
1:1 Coaching


Enhance your wellbeing and inner peace 


Learn how to process your emotions healthily


Learn how to nurture your sensitivity & creativity


Build courage and inspiration to take actions with integrity


Developing trust in your ability to create innovative ways to overcome obstacles


Explore your creative expression.

Give life to your creative projects.

Show up authentically.


This could be exactly what you've been looking for,

especially if
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While coaching is a wonderful life-changing experience, it is not a miracle solution if you’re not prepared to actively practice and reinforce the work we do together.

Here is what I recommend to get the best of our work together:

  • Being willing to experiment.

  • Remain open to being challenged.

  • Operate with self-compassion (don't worry, we'll work on that too).

How To Get The Most From Our Work Together


To start with, we meet for a 1h private 1:1 session, over Google-meet.


Then, we meet every week for an 1h 1:1 session for 3 months, or for 6 months, with unlimited messaging support between each session. We use Telegram app for our messaging.

There, you get to ask any questions and share your insights you have between our sessions.

At the end of each session, we choose a date and time for our next session. 

New Client Session

This first session is an invitation to discern what changes to make to your habits, practices and choices so that they spark joy and you feel confident in your ability to walk your own path.

We will investigate what is blocking you and taking hold of your precious energy.
At the end of our session, we will have planted the seeds of possibilities.

It is also for you to get a taste of coaching, and feel in your bones the positive impact it will have in your life.

I believe it’s super important for us sensitive souls, to get a feel of what to expect before investing fully into an experience with someone. That goes for both you and I 😉😉

Returning Client Session

Transformation takes time, and during the change process, we often find ourselves one step forward, two steps backward.

That’s why I recommend that we work together for 6 months.

That being said, you will have the option to recommit after the 3 months mark.

In Brief


You identify as a sensitive and creative soul


An intuitive coaching session tailored to your needs


So that you can embrace your sensitive and creative gifts and thrive as fully yourself


sessions are 60 min, Mon-Sat 10am-6pm CET (I need to keep things flexible to thrive so our schedule may or may not fluctuate)


Google Meet; you’re welcome to record our session

First session


3 months


6 months


Weekly 1h 1:1 session via Google Meet

Unlimited text support via Telegram

About Rim

Born in a family of artists by the Mediterranean, in a house designed by my bi-cultural parents, with a garden full of cactus and flowers, I was introduced to creative expression from an early age.

​Raised to be nonconformist and at the same time to “be the one to make an effort” and to “ take it upon me”, I was soon confronted with the awkward feeling that I could never fit in.

Not knowing how to process my very intense emotions, and being told countlessly that I was "too sensitive” added to the belief that I must be decidedly weird and terribly wrong.

At the same time, I was constantly sensing, perceiving and noticing things that others didn’t seem to be aware of, so I eventually believed that I must be “imagining things” and be “way too complicated”, even a bit “crazy”.

After years of trying to ignore the messages that my highly attuned senses were sending me, attempting to shove down my emotions under the rug (and numb), and pretend that I didn’t have strong feelings, I eventually realized that it would be much less painful to finally accept my "weirdness".

Ignoring my HSP-ness and my inner artist, ignoring who I really was, deep down - all parts of me included, and trying to shape shift at all costs had not brought to me all that what was cracked up to be.

Instead, it only served to send me from burnout to rock bottom, rinse and repeat.

After trying so many “proven” techniques to heal, and still feeling lost and frustrated, Creativity made its way back to me (surprise, it was always there!), and opened its loving arms to me, softly whispering that I was exactly how I was supposed to be.

Creative expression saved my life time and time again, and now my deepest desire is to help you tap into its beautiful, powerful, transformational energy.

I know it’s in you too!

The gift of sensitivity_edited.jpg

I may know a lot about personal development and HSPs but I’m not your average expert.

I love making the inner work relatable, creative and enjoyable.


And just like in my art practice, I’m dedicated to help you shape your life experiences, sculpt its lines, add colors, texture and volume to it, so that it aligns authentically with who you truly are.

So that you feel empowered to harness your creative energy to express yourself.

Weaving together more sensitivity into a world that needs it so much.

Along with a good dose of humor, because everything flows better when we’re laughing along!

Fun facts about me

  • I have lived in France, Tunisia, England, China, and I’m currently living in a small Island in the Mediterranean

  • When I’m not thinking about how Sensitive and Creative souls can lead an empowered life, I’m making art, taking walks in nature, watching the ocean, and playing with my furry friends.

  • I have 2 rescue cats - Twinkle and Luna, and 1 rescue dog - Confetti

  • Taurus sun, Cancer rising, Pisces moon - hello deep feelings!

  • 5/1 Sacral Generator with Innocence Motivation - following what lights me up, viewing life with wonder and curiosity, while empowering others to follow their unique path, is in my DNA!


Creative Confidence Coaching Testimonial 2

While I have collaborated with many coaches in my life, Rim is the only one who has stood out.

Her thoughtful balance of reflection and questioning helped me distance myself from my current roadblocks and view them objectively.

Katrina R.Volante, Florida, USA
Mental Health Counsellor & Creative Writing Coach

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