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Creative Mindset Coaching Testimonial 1

At first, I thought I don’t have time nor energy nor mental space to do coaching properly. I wanted to make sure I could dedicate myself fully to the process.
I feel proud of myself to be able to learn more but felt like I really needed Rim's help to get those result at each session, so I’m glad I went for it after all. 

  • The most important thing is I can relate to her as an HSP/empathetic person. 

This is actually the N°1 reason why I wouldn’t get counseling elsewhere-because I don’t know where I’d be getting the right help. With Rim, I felt validated. 

  • I feel more clarity now. I am more conscious of my patterns and relationships. I feel a lot more self-aware, and have more tools that are practical and feasible. I feel fully supported to be in the path of feeling better.

  • Rim is very kind and made our coaching such a nice experience! She took me on a mental adventure, like a discovery feeling. It was not worrisome nor drama nor troubling. She created an emotional connection and gave me a sense to move towards a better future. 

  • Rim is really good at pulling out threads of everything that was being said. She noticed these little details that end up making all the difference. Rim is very discerning compared to other coaches.

  • She reminded me of the good things in the negative things. I’m much more accepting of myself now.

I appreciate being in the process. It gave me momentum, and I’m looking forward to taking it further!
I absolutely recommend Rim’s services as a coach!

Stephanie Lawson, Shanghai, CN & UK
Designer seeking new paths in life

Creative Mindset Coaching Testimonial 2

"Before starting my first coaching session with Rim, I wasn't sure I would be understood. I thought that maybe it wouldn’t work out for me.

  • However, I quickly noticed the changes happening in my life: I was taking more aligned actions because I was more clear about what I want and don’t want.

  • Our coaching sessions pushed me to think deeper about my intentions and aspirations.

  • I particularly appreciate Rim sharing stories that resonate with my problematics, because it showed me I was not the only one.

  • I felt understood and heard, and also at the same time Rim gave me the gentle push I needed to go forward.

  • I can see that Rim’s wide range of life experiences and passion for coaching lead her to align very well with people’s problematics. I would definitely recommend coaching with her.

Thank you Rim for helping me gaining confidence in myself and helping me to see all the possibilities!"

George N., Shanghai, CN
Teacher & Reiki Practicioner

Creative Mindset Coaching Testimonial 3

"I would like to highlight Rim’s abilities as a coach through this testimonial.

  • Rim helped me to go out of my comfort zone by helping me to have an objective view of the situation and so take decision with a more peaceful mind.

  • She gave me useful tips to better deal with my emotions and her exercices were really stimulating.

I truly appreciated Rim’s sessions."

Marion Fougerouse, Shenzhen, CN & France
Jewellery Designer & Founder at MoMa Studio

Creative Mindset Coaching Testimonial 4

"While I have collaborated with many coaches in my life, Rim is the only one who has stood out.

  • Her thoughtful balance of reflection and questioning helped me distance myself from my current roadblocks and view them objectively.

  • In this way I felt that I was coming to my own conclusions rather than receiving advice.

  • I also appreciate how friendly Rim's coaching is to creatives. I believe she kept my artistic, authentic expression in mind as we discussed my concerns.

​I highly recommend Rim's services. "

Katrina R.Volante, Florida, USA
Mental Health Counsellor & Creative Writing Coach

Creative Mindset Coaching Testimonial 5

"I initially wasn’t really familiar with coaching, and I wasn’t sure whether I needed it. But something was telling me to give it a try.

  • It really helped me to have clearer answers to the questions I ask myself, it helped me to discover some aspects of myself and to understand myself better.

  • This in turn allowed me to understand others around me better. I have gained more empathy and more acceptance.

  • My relationships are more authentic, more harmonious and more enjoyable, but more importantly, I now know who I am and what shape I am; I now feel that I have a foundational representation of confidence that I can always go back to and build on it. 

  • Through my coaching session with Rim, I also realized I have something to say, and that my creativity will help me to find the way to say it. Before I struggled with the idea I had nothing to say so what’s the point of even trying.  I am so glad I have now found a meaning and purpose to my creative endeavors. 

  • Rim is very patient, doesn’t give up, and helped me to dig deeper."

  • She is not afraid to ask the questions that lead me to the necessary steps to shake things up and shed things off.

  • She really encouraged me to think deeper and helped me to really face my actions.  

For all these reasons, I highly recommend Rim as a coach for creatives.

Jasper Cai, Shanghai, CN
Graphic Designer & Web Developer

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