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You are the sun

Updated: Jan 30

Dear Sensitive & Creative soul,

You are like the sun, filled with powerful creative magnetism.

Remember to take good care of your energy first so that you can shine your light and from them brighten up the life of others around you.

Regulating your nervous system is healing, getting your needs met is self-love.

Taking care of yourself on all levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, is nurturing to your soul and therefore to your creative energy. Your creativity can flow through you and pour from you with grace and ease.

When your nervous system is regulated and you feel safe and nurtured from within, it gets easier to form healthy and enriching relationships with others. It gets easier to know which emotions are yours, and it gets easier to care for others with empathy, without sacrificing your needs and your energy.

Last post, I explained how our subconscious runs the show in our life. And how it responds best to feelings, emotions, senses and imagery.

So subconscious work is perfect for creative and sensitive people because we already have big emotions, highly emotionally charged experiences, and a natural ease to connect to our senses and feelings. We're also creatives and more easily can make associations such as analogies and metaphors.

But there’s a catch!

In order to access our subconscious mind, we must first regulate our nervous system!

Yep, that’s right! Everything (nearly) is coming back to the nervous system!


  • Well, because, as HSPs, our nervous system is more sensitive than the average and therefore gets overaroused more easily AND faster. And what that happens, it goes into fight or flight mode. It’s red alert my friends. 🚨shutdown mode🛟

  • So fear is taking our brain hostage and is actually giving the directions to our subconscious.

Aaaagh I know, SO frustrating!

But there’s another catch:

  • First we need to soothe our nerves, and calm our mind, so that we can get into the relaxing state needed to access your subconscious and rewire your neural pathways.

  • And that’s how we can send all kind of directions that are ACTUALLY aligned with what we want to our lovely subconscious.

And that’s how it can actually understand them.

In order to remain in alignment, I make sure I tap into those regulating practices everyday.

And I combine most of them in my coaching sessions and workshop experiences.

Now I'm curious, what's your favourite soothing practice?

What steps can you take now to begin regulating your nervous system so that you can shine your light brighter?

P.S: Curious to see what my experience workshops look like? Check out this post!

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