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Who's the boss?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

When we get excited about something and we want to make things happen - this energy, this motivation, this enthusiasm: that's a beautiful thing! However, I found it can quickly become very counterintuitive for HSPs. Forcing our willpower onto things, go go go, do do do, can be very dangerous in the long term, for us, Highly Sensitive People.

  • Because this drive to go, go, go, achieve the results we want can easily turn into an addiction.

  • Relying on willpower, logical thinking and critical thinking lead to over-looping thoughts. Going on and on and on in our mind.


  • Our nervous system gets way too overloaded. We get overwhelmed. We numb our feelings, because, “eh, let's be rational here, right?”

And then, when things don't work out as expected, we tend to get harsh on ourselves. Hoping for change without invoking the subconscious is a sure-fire way to burnout.

Because our subconscious is THE boss! Yes, that's right ! I was floored when I first learned about that. After all, logical and critical thinking are valued so much in our society. And I'm French - Descartes has influenced our culture so much! We're not taught how to listen to our intuition, to our emotions, to understand our feelings. Sure, a bit of logic and willpower go a long way, and they're necessary in order to make things happen. At times only … What we don't see - the tip of the Iceberg - is what truly matters.

So what works instead? → Communicating with our subconscious - Doing the inner work first.

  • Addressing our beliefs, values - Are they really mine?

  • Processing our emotions - What is their message for me?

  • Evaluating our habits - Is what I'm doing everyday aligned with what I truly want?

  • Examining our Protective Reactions - What's behind it? How's my subconscious and my ego trying to protect me? From what? Where do I feel hurt?

  • Long term memory - What's still hurting me that I haven't resolved? How can I reframe my past?

  • Imagination - What would happen if …? How fun would it be if…?

  • Intuition - What does my Higher Self feel to be true here? What do my senses say? How do I feel? What do I see? What do I hear? What do I taste? What can I touch and sense through my fingers? What do I perceive to be true? What do I feel flowing through me?

→ In order to embody your fullest creative and creator potential, you have to transform the inner blocks that keep you stagnant into gold (wisdom) that allows you to flow and glow. Transformation happens when you apply what you learn and take actions It's an honour for me to witness sensitive souls taking courageous steps toward shining their light If you'd like support and guidance on your growth journey, there are 2 ways to work with me at the moment:

  • 1:1 coaching A fully tailored approach to you & your needs. We delve into the deep, transformative inner work. It's ALL ABOUT YOU!

  • The Sensitive & Creative Circle a monthly rendezvous (membership) on a different topic. Here, you get to share & experiment with like-minded people. It's ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY!

NOT SURE WHAT'S YOUR NEXT STEP? Reach out for a 60 minute discovery call to get to know each other and talk about what's not working for you and how I can support you.

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