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What's Your Super Sense?

Updated: Mar 12

Using our senses is how we first gather information about the world around us.

Our five senses - sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell –  as well as our sense of logic, collect information about our environment that are interpreted by the brain.

They are also the way our body sends important messages to us, and the way our intuition converses with us.

Is this situation right for you? Is this person healthy for you? Why do we think and act in a certain way? What to do next?Why do we just click with some people and others we just don’t?

It all comes down to our own internal representational system: which means how we represent the world using our senses.We all use a combination of these modalities perceiving and making sense of our external and internal world, as well as when communicating with ourselves & others.However, we all have a sense that is dominant.

That is our Super Sense.

We have the following senses to rely on when processing information:


What we see                                              Visual modality

What we hear                                             Auditory modality

What we smell                                           Olfactory modality

What we sense/feel                                   Kinesthetic modality

What we taste                                            Gustatory modality

What we tell ourselves                              Auditory Digital modality


And just like with any superpower, it is a double-edged sword. As HSPs, we have heightened awareness to one (or more) of our senses, and that can be overstimulating and overwhelming. And yet, by leaning into a more in-depth connection to our senses, we can harness their wisdom and turn them into strengths. 

So, what’s yours?

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