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Why manifestation culture is NOT helpful for creative and sensitive souls

Updated: Mar 13


It seems impossible to escape this topic these days! It's everywhere. 

We’re bombarded by “if you want to manifest this, do this, do that…”, and “here's my 2-step process to manifest ___ ”


And while manifestation is a real concept and there are great things about manifestation, overall I think it's a waste of time to focus on manifesting, and can become actually damaging.

Here's why:

  • It exacerbates our materialistically-driven culture: while it’s wonderful to own material things that make us feel good, and allow us to experience cool things (hello, Taurus sun speaking here), I don’t believe it’s healthy to focus too much on acquiring things. Some of the best things in life are FREE.

  • It's like there's a carrot permanent dangling in front of us - we always want more. There's always one more step, one more manifestation that is right before us but that we can't quite grasp.

  • Extreme navel gazing - everything in life becomes about me and what I’m currently manifesting. 

  • It leads us to over-analyze things in a compulsion to “get things” and wondering why these things aren’t there yet.

  • It gives way to these abundance charlatans (ahem, coaches) and their get rich schemes : “How I manifested a million dollars”. Actually, they didn’t manifest it, they just sold people the belief that they would be in turn manifesting a million dollars, and voilà, more money coming their way!

  • Gaslighting, and more gaslighting from so-called manifestation professionals and peers- “if you didn’t manifest what you wanted, then it’s because you did it wrong".

  • The notion that if I’m not manifesting the right thing, or before I can manifest what I want, I’ll be tested by the universe. It adds up to the childish thought pattern of “being punished” and reinforces fear in us.

  • Ignoring  systemic injustice and at the same time giving too much responsibility to the individual. I see this kind of declarations touted around all the time: “Everything in your life, including the things you don’t like, is a result of what you are subconsciously choosing, attracting, and attracted to.”

  • Personifying the universe and all “this Universe has your back” discourse. I'm sorry but the universe doesn’t care. It has better things to do. Why would it manifest wars, crimes, and horrible things since the beginning of our times then? And natural disasters?

The universe doesn’t have human attributes. The universe is neutral and just is.

And believing it does reinforces our people-pleasing tendencies: "what do I need to do so that I can get The Universe approval and then it can send my way all the goodies I desire?"

At the end it becomes like a religion where God is at the same time given human attributes, is "all loving" and yet feared.

  • The Universe is not University! If we attach too much importance to the idea of passing tests, then it’s easy to think we’ve failed tests as well. There’s this notion of looking out for the master/ the teacher, to validate our behavior, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our experience. It’s extremely childish and patronizing - and stressful and overwhelming, , and also quite egotistical, because frankly WE ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. We’re just part of it, just like nature and countless other species. 

  • The Law Of Attraction: yes I believe in it. Anyway, it’s not like it matters whether I believe in it or not. It's physics.

What you focus your attention on expands. That being said, I don't think it’s the end all be all. That could lead to a whole bunch of emotions unprocessed, shoved under the rug. And well, toxic positivity.

  • And that leads me to spiritual bypassing, more shame, anxiety and guilt. No, spirituality is not an excuse to not do the inner work, and I want to add is not a reason to do the inner work either. You get to choose.

  • Thinking that what you’re trying to manifest is going to fill a void within you. "Once I manifest my dream house/dream job/dream partner, then I'll be worthy." "I'm so lucky, I'm so amazing, I'm manifesting (free/not free) stuff all the time".

  • What about work (and I'm not talking about hustling and "hard work" here but loving, compassionate inner work)? Examining your beliefs? Making hard choices, taking risks, practicing, making mistakes, learning from them, doing the courageous thing?

  • When we are obsessed about the result - about getting there already, we tend to forget the process. Yet the magic is in the process. Material things can be removed from us, but we’ll still have gained the experience of the process. This is what counts.

Instead, I prefer to think about it as Creation.

The notion of creating speaks so much more self-leadership and empowerment. It makes this notion more tangible too.

What do I want to create? What do I want to give life to?  

The idea of co-creating seems even more inspiring.

I see it like that: Life is creation, and it is doing its creating.

At the same time, we humans are also creating our life.

With our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions.

So if you want to create loving relationships, more art into your life, a fulfilling career, look at your belief system, your recurrent thoughts, your feelings and the actions you take everyday.

Are they congruent with what you desire? How can you begin to make shifts?

What is within your control that you can tweak?

If you'd like support with identifying what shifts will help you to go where you want to go and create the projects you dream of, I'd love to connect for a session.

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