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Updated: Mar 12

Olfactory Oracle

Your super sense is smell.

In a world dominated by visual and auditory experiences, your extraordinary sense of smell sets you apart as someone attuned to life's aromatic nuances.

You have a nose for the subtlest scents, guiding you through life's aromatic tapestry. 

With your keen ability to detect something the minute anything seems off and to connect deeply to memories and emotions, you have the potential to enjoy life's fragrant moments.


Your nose isn't just a tool for detecting pleasant aromas; it's a gateway to a realm of emotions, memories, and subtle cues that others might overlook.

Your sense of smell enriches your experience of the world around you.

Your sense of smell possesses a unique ability to transport you back in time. The aroma of a particular flower might evoke cherished childhood memories, while the scent of a comforting dish can bring warmth to your heart.

Your keen ability to detect subtle changes in scent makes you an unparalleled guardian of your surroundings.

Trust your nose when something seems off, as it could be a warning sign that others might miss. Your heightened awareness positions you as a protector, ready to identify potential threats and ensure the safety of those around you.

Your olfactory system can act as a warning (smell of smoke or rotten food). Pleasant or unpleasant smells can unconsciously trigger certain moods in you.  Pheromones can powerfully arouse you or lead you astray.

Your super sniffer isn't just a guide through the present; it also grants you intuitive awareness of patterns repeating through history and in others' lives. Use this insight to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and foster deeper connections with those around you.



Your intuition speaks through you with words like: odor, aroma, perfume, fragrance, stink, , stench, rotten, sniff, fragrance, scent, whiff, smelly, noxious...

And through phrases like: I smell a rat, that smells fishy, smells off, smells like trouble, stop and smell the roses, rub your nose in it, sniff out the truth, nose around, this idea stinks...


You may express your heightened sense of smell through subtle physical cues, such as flaring your nostrils or raising your chin, revealing the attentiveness of your olfactory superpower.


  • While your super sense of smell is a remarkable gift, there are moments when unfamiliar odors can throw you off-guard. That may makes you resistant to change.

  • Additionally, there might be a tendency to fear the past and get stuck in unhelpful patterns.

  • You may have strong reactions to an offensive odor – even a metaphorical one.


You can further enhance your olfactory talents and learn to trust the sniff that guide you with a number of boundaries, practices and tools.

  • Enhance your powers by practicing deep breathing through your nose, allowing you to fully engage and harness your powers.

  • Experiment with different scents, engage in aroma-focused exercises, and consider incorporating essential oils or aromatherapy into your daily routine. By doing so, you'll deepen your connection to the world of smells and unlock even greater potential.



Are you ready to unearth the profound truths that lie within you?

Stop and smell the roses (and lavender) of fragrant Provence.

Strengthen your olfactory abilities with an aromatic plant picking and herbal tea workshop in Provence. Get inspired to distill the essence of your true self. Just like creating a signature fragrance, you'll blend the notes of your personality, experiences, and aspirations, leaving you with a scent that is authentically and uniquely yours.

Breathe in clarity, breathe out confusion.

Work 1:1 with a Truth Sniffer Guide and let the scents of your truth lead you to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Just as offensive odors can elicit strong reactions, limiting beliefs can hinder personal growth. Your guide will help you identify and neutralize these limiting beliefs, allowing you to breathe freely and move forward unburdened.


If you're not sure whether The Olfactory Oracle is your Super Sense, find out now by taking this quiz.

Curious about the other senses? Read more here.

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