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Updated: Mar 12

Self-Talk Ninja

Your super sense is your inner logic. This super sense is the only one that is not linked to a sensory organ.

You navigate life with a clear mind and sharp reasoning. 

You have the potential to channel this clarity into creative expression, unlocking new possibilities for growth.


Your super abilities revolve around self-talk and the intricate processing of information through language and symbols.

You weave the tapestry of reason and logic through the symphony of words and internal dialogue. You tend to spend a fair amount of time talking to yourself, and that’s how you work through things.

You thrive on logic, facts, processes and understanding the "why" behind every action. You like to know that what you do “makes sense”. 

Your structured and strategic approach is complemented by a need for order and precision in your surroundings.

You need to be in control of what you see. You tend to be more strategic than those with the other modalities as dominant.

When you are taking a course, you take notes and will hone in on the details. You like to have printed details and flow charts as support material. You expect from your mentors a degree of technical know-how.  



Your language reflects your love for logic and reason.

You tend to use words like logic, common sense, reason, system, understand, think, analyze, know, learn.

Phrases like "common sense," "I'll consider the idea," and "to make sense of" are your linguistic allies. You think, analyze, and seek to understand.

Quotation marks become your companions as you engage in introspective conversations:

And then I say to myself, “Wow, that makes so much sense!”


Level-headedness, the absence of emotional cues, and a skeptical demeanor mark your presence. You like to challenge what you learn.

Your internal debates are revealed as you look down to the left and then to the right, debating and processing thoughts within the confines of your mind.


  • The perception of being dispassionate or overly critical might impact your interpersonal relationships.

  • Overly critical self-talk that extends not only to yourself but also to those in your orbit. This critical lens, while a tool for improvement, might, at times, cast shadows over the softer nuances of understanding and compassion.

  • Overanalyzing and over planning may lead to a lack of spontaneity.

  • Anxiety when things can not be explained rationally + when facing uncertainty.


Your superpower lies in logical thinking, planning and organizing. However, you can benefit from harmonizing with your surroundings and your emotions, with a number of boundaries, practices and tools.

  • Journaling for Emotional Processing:

Engage in journaling to process thoughts and emotions. It serves as a bridge between reason and feelings, allowing you to explore the emotional landscape that might be obscured by logic.

  • Self-Reflection Practice:

Set aside moments for intentional self-reflection. When you catch yourself in the midst of self-critique, gently redirect your thoughts. Ask yourself, "How can I reframe this in a more supportive and understanding light?"

  • Compassionate Language Shift:

Modify your internal dialogue to include more compassionate language. Instead of using harsh terms, consider employing phrases that acknowledge growth opportunities without diminishing your value or the value of others.

  • Empathetic Listening:

Cultivate empathetic listening in your interactions. Rather than immediately offering solutions or critiques, allow space for others to express themselves. Seek to understand their perspectives, fostering an atmosphere of empathy and support.

  • Mindfulness and Present Moment Awareness:

Embrace mindfulness practices to anchor yourself in the present moment. By focusing on the now, you can break free from the cycle of constant self-evaluation and extend the same present awareness to those around you.

  • Letting Go of Control:

Practice letting go of control in certain situations. Allowing spontaneity to unfold can open new avenues for creativity and emotional expression.

Join an improv or stand-up comedy class to play with the fluidity of words and meanings. Engage in creative activities to nurture abstract thinking, unlocking new dimensions of your logical brilliance.

  • Learning Alphabets and Abstract Thinking:

Explore different alphabets to broaden your understanding of symbolism and human consciousness. This practice can stimulate abstract thinking and offer profound insights beyond the confines of pure logic.

YOUR SUPER POWER POTENTIAL:  As you embark on this journey, envision your evolving superpower not just as a beacon of logic but as a source of empathetic understanding. The harmonious blend of reason and compassion will not only enhance your relationships but also illuminate a path towards self-discovery and personal growth.


  • Are you ready to investigate the inner wisdom of your Higher Self?

Self-Trust: It is safe to express yourself even when you don't possess yet all the elements of a constructed reasoning Meet Your Higher Self

  • Work 1:1 with me and learn tools to process your emotions healthily. Together we will create an action plan that will inspire you to courageously and creatively achieve your goals, even in the face of uncertainty.


If you're not sure whether The Logical Luminary is your Super Sense, find out now by taking this quiz.

Curious about the other senses? Read more here.

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