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Updated: Mar 12

Tactile Trailblazer

Your super sense is touch.

In a world buzzing with sights and sounds, your extraordinary super sense sets you apart. You navigate the world with a sensitive touch, feeling every texture and vibration. 

Your sense of touch allows you to receive information about your internal (feel) and external (touch) environments.

You feel the world intensely, with a profound sense of connection to others and your surroundings. You easily get a handle on energies in motion.

With golden hands and a big heart, this sensitivity is a powerful tool for fostering deep, fulfilling relationships.


You’re particularly sensitive to somatic feelings in the body: temperature, pressure, and also emotion.

With your ability to read frequency, energy and auras, you can read the room, heal with your hands, and transform with your touch.

When shaking hands and/or hugging someone, you get a feel for who they are. 

By picking things up and playing with them, you get a feel of things. 

You learn by doing so are less interested in theory and more interested in trying something out. You memorize by doing or walking through something. 

You much prefer to meet people face-to-face rather than speak on the phone or communicate via emails and texts. 



Your intuition speaks through you with words like: concrete, emotional, sensitive, firm, flow, feels, touch, heavy, burdensome, hard, weighty, pressure, grasp, lukewarm, foundation, stress, structure...

And through phrases like: boils down to, get a handle on, start from scratch, do you feel it?, I have a gut feeling, it touched a sour spot, a cold shiver ran down my back, I have goosebumps...


  • Your unique signs may include an intuitive use of your hands, the ability to feel subtle changes in the environment, and an instinctual response to vibrations.

  • You may feel the constant need to move your hands and often look down while listening to others, since you are literally getting a feel for what it is they are saying.

  • You will typically be breathing from the bottom of your lungs (look at your stomach go in and out when you breathe).

  • You often move and talk slowly.


  • Because you rely on your feelings, you take a little bit longer to process information than others because they are checking in with how you ‘feel’ about what’s just been said. Therefore you may be perceived as slow by the other types.

  • Comfort is important to you and you can get distracted by situations when physical needs are not attended to (hard seats, no natural light, clothes with coarse fabric). You need to be doing, stillness is not your forte, and you may be easily restless.

  • While your super sense of touch is a gift, there might be moments when overwhelming sensations can throw you off balance. Establishing healthy boundaries becomes essential to prevent sensory overload and ensure that your touch remains a source of empowerment.

  • You tend to be overwhelmed by the strong, negative energies around you.

  • You also stand closer to people than a visual person and that may irk some people.


You can further enhance your kinesthetic talents and learn to trust the tactile sensations that guide you with a number of boundaries, practices and tools.

  • To release tensions and get unstuck, practice shaking your body and engage in regular physical activities.

  • Make time for new experiences to try out on a regular basis.

  • Prioritize learning by practicing.

  • Manual activities such as crafting, woodwork or cooking are beneficial for you to destress.

  • You need physical contact to regulate your mood and relieve anxiety:grounding in nature, cuddling your pets, cuddling with your loved ones, getting a massage are great activities for you.

  • Practice grounding techniques to stay connected with the present moment. Whether it's feeling the texture of a grounding object or focusing on the rhythmic sensations of your own breath, these practices anchor you in the now.

  • Walking meditations are great for you.

  • Dancing!

YOUR SUPER POWER POTENTIAL: Psychometry and Empathy


Ground in the ochre canyons of Provence

Strengthen your tactile abilities with a reflexology workshop Work 1:1 with a guide who holds space for your energy to move through you


If you're not sure whether The Kinesthetic Captain is your Super Sense, find out now by taking this quiz.

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