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Updated: Mar 12

Golden Palate

Your super sense is taste.

In a world dominated by visual and auditory experiences, your extraordinary sense of taste sets you apart as someone finely tuned to savor life's rich offerings.

With your refined palate, you possess the uncanny ability to pull together the most unexpected elements into a delightful harmony.

You savor life's flavors with unapologetic gusto, spreading delight all around you.

For you, life is an exquisite banquet, and every flavor is a note in a symphony of tastes.


As the Gustatory Guru, your super sense of taste elevates every moment into a culinary adventure.

Your tastebuds are a canvas, discerning nuances and subtleties that others may overlook. Very developed, they allow you to connect easily to your memories and your emotions.

Beyond food, you savor the flavors of life – the sweet moments, the savory experiences, and the spicy challenges.

A true alchemist, your incredible potential lies in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, spreading delight wherever you go. You possess an instinctual sense of what flavors will bring joy to others.

With your refined palate, you have a natural good taste. You instinctively know how to put things together. 

A natural trend-setter, you have the ability to recognize something new the moment it emerges.  You can easily know what will do well, what will not.

You love to taste life to the fullest and are drawn to new experiences.    

As such, you display ease in handling uncertainty.



Your intuition speaks through you with words like:  tasty, sweet, bitter, salty, sour, spicy, hot, rotten, fresh, raw, cooked, ripe, bittersweet...

And through phrases like: right to the bitter end, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, it’s a matter of taste, an acquired taste, getting a taste for something, chew something over...


You may lick your lips or look like you are chewing when you are processing information.

You will typically be breathing from the bottom of your lungs (look at your stomach go in and out when you breathe).

You often move and talk more slowly than average.


  • While your sense of taste is a treasure, there might be moments when overly intense flavors or monotonous tastes can overwhelm you. Something with too much of a certain flavor or taste might be unhealthy for you.

  • Remaining stuck in negative emotions linked to painful memories from the past, activated by certain foods. Due to your sensitive taste buds, you can easily develop food intolerances and allergies.

  • Overindulging in activities and experiences until reaching overwhelm.

  • Forgetting to nurture your needs and feed yourself literally and metaphorically with nourishing ingredients and activities, ending up with a bland and tasteless existence.

  • Remaining stuck in a dull routine.


You can further enhance your gustatory talents and learn to trust your tastebuds that guide you with a number of boundaries, practices and tools.

  • Hydration is key. Cleanse your palate regularly, allowing your taste buds to remain sharp and ready for the next flavorful experience.

  • Enhance your powers by practicing breathing through your mouth.

  • To release anxiety, spend some time in the kitchen cooking up a tasty and colorful meal.

  • As you prepare or consume a meal, focus on the intention and energy behind each element. Eat slowly, chew every bite and close your eyes.

  • Taste new experiences often and focus on those that bring you satisfaction.Just like with food, be mindful not to overindulge.

  • Embrace the wisdom of seasonal and local eating. Your superpower is finely attuned to the energies of fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

  • Prioritize sharing your care and support to others around you.

  • Change your emotional state by attributing new meanings to triggering foods. 



Are you ready to unearth the profound truths that lie within you?

Dive into the heart of Provence's culinary secrets with a cooking workshop led by a local provençal druid of flavors.

You will unveil the magic behind regional cuisine, the flavors of Provence inspiring guiding you through a journey of self-discovery.

Work 1:1 with me and craft the recipe for your unique identity, season it with growth, and present it with the confidence of a culinary masterpiece. Embark on a flavorful journey towards authenticity and self-confidence.


If you're not sure whether The Gustatory Guru is your Super Sense, find out now by taking this quiz.

Curious about the other senses? Read more here.

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