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photo by Linfeng Li- Styling by Rim Studio

When it comes to style, people often tell me "only you can sport sequins for breakfast and make it look totally natural", or "I could never wear pink metallic shoes like you".

Yes, my style is quite defined now, and I'm not afraid of wearing a bright red maxi dress, nor glittery gold shoes at any time of the day, or night.

However, it hasn’t always been the case.

I grew up in Tunisia, amidst colours, flowers and sunshine.

In Tunisia, the light is particularly bright, and Bougainvilliers are typical of the local flora

My parents were artist and architect, so it was natural to be immersed in artistic activities.

As a kid, I was quite introvert, and found it easier to be in my imaginary world, dreaming, drawing, and inventing endless stories.

I was particularly drawn to books featuring legends from different cultures.

"The 1001 nights" - the beautiful illustrations of this book were a source of endless fascination

Pretty young I knew I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. As a teenager, I would cover my walls of beautiful fashion photographs from Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar.

It was the 1990’s, the golden age of Couture revival and the supermodel era.

The best years of Alexander McQueen, John Galliano for Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Christian Lacroix, Viktor&Rolf, Alaïa…

I was dreaming of fine lace, embroidery, the Parisian ateliers… while listening to Nirvana, and drowning myself in 19th century Russian and British literature (I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm).

John Galliano for Dior, Spring 1998

photo by Erwin Blumenfeld

Oscar Wilde, one of my favourite writers

For me, Fashion was already much more than clothes, it was about giving shapes to emotions and dreams via textiles, colours, volumes, prints. There was also the whole magic of creation and the feeling of celebration.

But I didn’t really think of applying it to myself, except the occasional dressing up sessions (which I loved so much by the way).

So it’s no surprise that I enrolled to art school in Paris, to study Textile and Fashion design. I focused on my studies and later on, on my fashion brand in London and Paris.

I had lots of fun learning the inside out of fashion design. The more I learned about it, the more interesting I found it. Yet, I still didn’t think of experimenting on myself.

I was creating a brand identity and beautiful products accordingly, but since I was working a lot, I didn’t have time (I didn’t take the time) to take care of myself. I believed the popular saying: “The cobbler always wears the worst shoes”.

black was my default colour, as a uniform, and perhaps my armour

It’s only later in my late 20’s that I realised the disconnection between my mind and my body.

Slowly, I began to open up and to learn to know myself better, and began experimenting with my style. As I was gaining confidence, I dared more. I began to play with my clothes and my style. I finally allowed myself to express and display my identity and moods.

At last, I felt comfortable in my own skin.

Now, I find myself wearing sequins for breakfast, just because… it makes me feel happy, and it’s always time for happiness!

Sporting a stripy sequined top at a recent Boss Lady Breakfast event

People around me noticed a shift and began complimenting me on my style and how happy I looked, and asked me to help them to find their style too.

I realised then that helping people connect with their beauty was giving me a lot of joy. Seeing my clients opening up and blossoming into their true power through style is such a delight. Interestingly, it is around the same time that I began to receive commissions for more creative projects. Creative self-expression begets creativity!

Now, I see that it’s all making sense: my path in life is to bring beauty and joy into people’s lives and give them the tools to celebrate their uniqueness, through a creative lifestyle. (link to previous post)

Stay tuned for part #2-STYLE DECONSTRUCTED

Now I’d love to hear from you. What is you style journey? How did you find your style? Your story may be just what someone needs to be inspired.

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