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It all starts with a dream ✨

As we begin a new year, you might be feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety about what’s possible for you AND have some questions about how to make it all work with all the stress, risks of failure, limited energy and the needs of others around you.

That’s WHY I created a practical Workshop to help you connect to your inner wisdom right here at the start of the year -- so you have what you need to begin the impulse towards more fulfillment in your life.

So many things will be clear to you after this Workshop.

I’m going to give you a Bird’s Eye View of the roadblocks facing Highly Sensitive People and some actionable tools to activate your creative energy so you can feel confident about what is your North Star (your Dreams) this year and you can know how to align with it.

I’m so excited for you!

Note: We went for 2h and we covered a LOT of ground. So I decided to split the replay into 2 parts, so that it’s easier for you and your time my lovely 🌻

In part 1:

  • At 2:36, I revealed the biggest challenges that most HSPs go through in their daily life

  • and at 14:03, I covered how they can hold you back.

  • At 15:24, I revealed how these challenges boil down to one main problem and how it shows up in your life.

  • At 20:39, I disclosed the reason why most people hold back from listening to their dreams. This one is so obvious once you "see" it.. :)

  • At 27:12, I showed what could be possible for you instead when you connect to your truth (aka dreams)

  • At 34:27, I took you through my own experience with frustration, burnouts, and how I got back in my flow.

  • At 46:26, I showed what are The 6 pillars of the thriving ecosystem for sensitive and creative souls

  • And finally, at 48:50, I shared what are the 2 most important things in our body to be aware of for your inner glow.

In part 2:

  • At 00:32, I explained the practical part of our LIVE experience. How to do the diaphragmatic breathing exercise.

  • At 02:00, LIVE breathwork and Creative Visualisation.

  • At 25:38, we shared our experience of the meditation.

  • At 31:12, Art Practice - We created an artwork from the dreams we saw during the meditation

  • At 39:50, I shared my secrets on how you can go from overwhelm and constant overthinking into thriving and flowing.

The 6 steps I covered in this training are super practical and powerful that can totally transform your day-to-day experiences.

And it all starts with re-connecting with your inner light, so that you can shine from the inside out.

Dream on, my friend, and let your creative energy flow!

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