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How to process emotions in a healthy and constructive way as an Highly Sensitive Person

We are all feeling so much right now. And as sensitive souls, we often want our emotions to be quiet and soft.

We want to control them, to have them fit nicely and tightly in a neatly square box. Because feelings can be uncomfortable.

Like big stormy waves washing over us. They shake us to our core. Sometimes it can feel as if they're even going to drown us…

The thing is, as Highly Sensitive People, we feel emotions deeply and intensely. We are deeply moved by the arts, music, beauty, nature… and we are also deeply moved by the difficult things that surrounds us, including what others say to us, and our own thoughts.

There's an immense pressure from all around to be “strong” and happy. Pretty much ALL THE TIME.

When you're feeling uncomfortable, tense, sad, angry, frustrated, and talk about it around you, then perhaps you've had to face comments like “why are you SO emotional?”, “Toughen Up!”, “pffff that's not important”, or “what's wrong with you?”...

As if being strong meant not letting ourselves feel negative emotions.

But deep down, this pressure of only feeling “comfortable” emotions is fear.

It's a need to control our emotions out of fear. The fear of being “too much”, “not enough”, the fear to appear “weak and meek”, the fear to show our vulnerability. Essentially, the fear to be flawed.

What if instead of controlling our emotions, we would just listen to them and hear what they have to say?

After all, if we, humans, were given the possibility to feel a wide range of emotions, it must be for a reason, right?

“Even 'negative' emotions can be valuable warning signs that something needs attention now “ (Gavin de Becker, The Gift of Fear,1998) or that some past event, or issue needs to be resolved.

In fact, the more attuned we are to our emotions, the more information we have to make the right choices for us. Difficult emotions are a sign that things are not right for us.

If we suppress or obliterate these emotions - though denying them, though drink, food or drugs - we miss out on valuable information and tend to repeat our “mistakes”.

So could it be that we, HSPs, were actually gifted with a superpower? The gift to deep attunement to our emotions, and therefore, the power to redirect our choices? An opportunity for realignment. So that we can grow and learn from our challenges.


“You have to cherish the world at the same time that you struggle to endure it and strive to transform the world into a better place” say author Flannery O'Connor and Astrologer Rob Brezsny

Treat yourself with compassion, and allow yourself to feel. With intensity. When your fear of feeling difficult emotions is no longer trying to control them, then these same emotions are able to transform and wane.

Here is a powerful visualization for you to try this week:

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