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How To Find Your Purpose

Have you noticed how often we make our life more complicated than it needs to be?

We think that the solutions to our questions are far away from our reach. 

That somehow there's one right way and the rest is just mistakes.

Especially when it comes to our choices, our purpose and our strengths.


If you're anything like me, you may have spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to find your purpose in life at some point or another. 

What should you do? Which path should you pick?

Our purpose is right here, before our eyes, all the time, but often, we only know it subconsciously.

The thing is, I believe that our life purpose is less about what you're doing (as a career, work) but more about who you're being. 

Therefore, your purpose can take many forms in your lifetime. 


do what lights you up

For example, when I was a child, I loved to draw and imagine my future house, I loved inventing stories - I even created a school magazine with 2 friends - pretending we were our favorite animals as writers, and I loved making clothes for my dolls.

When I became an adult, my love for self-expression, culture and creativity lead me to become a fashion designer, then a textile artist, then a drawing artist. My love for sharing with others and communication lead me to become a design teacher. My love for cooking, and creating welcoming and nurturing experiences lead me to create a food blog, and to host numerous themed dinner parties for my friends.

Then, my sensitivity, deep interest for personal growth and love to help others lead me to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and coaching.

Now I have a podcast centered around all these elements I love - creativity, mindset, personal growth, joy, wellbeing, sensitivity, helping others - I host regenerative and creative retreats, and I make art.

You see, I'm still weaving all the elements that are deeply part of my core into my chosen activities. And they may take yet another path later in life, who knows? But the essence will remain.

Think of a tree. A branch grows from it. Then the tree will find another source of light, so it will begin to grow another branch in that direction because this new direction corresponds to its need for light. The purpose of the tree is to grow effectively towards sunlight - Nicolas Proupain

In this podcast episode, I share the exact process I took myself through when it was time for me to embark on a new path. It's the same process I use with my clients to help them how to find their purpose.

So my dear Sensitive and Creative soul, I invite you to dig deep into the roots of your being: what is your essence? 

And if you'd like support in distilling your essence, and growing new branches towards sunlight, I'd love to connect for a session.

look for the essence of things you like

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