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How setting intentions can bring more power into your life

Did you ever feel like you enjoyed doing something, and then some people around you just rain on your parade?

And suddenly, your bright idea, or what brought a smile on your face doesn’t seem so shiny anymore.

Even kind of feel a bit ashamed of yourself for thinking you could make that idea work?

Many of us, highly sensitive people, worry of not being good enough, worry of not having the "right" idea, the "best" idea, and worry of how others will respond to us.

I’ve definitely struggled with this kind of thoughts in the past, still sometimes do, but much less than before.

Connecting to the Why of what I do really helps.

Whenever I feel crippled by doubts and go back to that incessant double-guessing, I remind myself of my Intention.

Why am I doing this? What is my message? What’s the purpose behind it?

It could be as simple as "Because I like doing this, it gives me joy".

It could also be "Well, this is because how I feel."

Or "What I believe in life, my values…"

One of my big values and driving force is highlighting beauty into the world and finding joy in the everyday, and bringing it into others lives. There are many mediums for me to do that.

It used to be creating clothes and purses.

Nowadays, I find more joy expressing it through art and textiles.

And through my coaching practice, where I get to help my clients remove the blocks that were preventing them to really see the beauty and creative power in themselves.

Reminding myself of this purpose helps me to remain focused, and keep going on my journey, on my path, even when doubt and fear of criticism is trying to take over me.

In my previous post, I shared the creative manifesto that I painted, and now it’s on the wall behind my desk, and I get to see it every day.

Seeing it almost all day long infuses my subconscious of how I felt when I created it, and keeps reinforcing that feeling of joy and purpose.

In this video, I’m sharing some tips on how you can craft your creative manifesto too. I hope it’ll inspire you to make yours, and please, do share pictures of it on IG, (make sure to tag me @rim.creativenergy so that I can see it). As sharing is a step forward making your intentions becoming reality my friends ☀️🌻

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