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How I craft my Creative Manifesto

I've been learning more about astrology lately and I'm in awe as how well it explains a lot of things I could intuitively feel and sense, but had not necessarily the words for it.

From my understanding, today's New Moon in Pisces invites us to tap into our creative power and to set intentions for the month ahead.

Coincidentally, my moon is in Pisces in my natal chart!

So this notion of elevating my sense of wonder and beauty in the world into my life purpose and my work makes so much sense. Helping you, helping others through that lense is my mission, and the more I tap into that, the more I feel in alignment.

And speaking of intentions, here's a creative activity that helped me, and I trust will help you too, clarify what makes you vibe, deeply within your bones, what lights you up, what speaks to your soul.

Because, as Highly Sensitive People, we are deeply connected to our senses, our emotions, our feelings (which in astrology is part of the realm of water, so hello Pisces influence heheee).

Paying attention to how you perceive the world around you is a great tool to guide you into alignment.

In this video below, you can see how I'm setting my intention and crafting my manifesto as a first step to make it real to my consciousness.

Making things and creating are my idea of fun!

Playing with colours, textures, patterns, shaped and volumes bring me joy.

I see textiles

I breathe textiles

I hear textiles

And I feel textiles

I love textiles

That's how I experience the world around me.

Art is my way of sharing its beauty with others.

What about you?

What is your super sense? Your super power?

How do you perceive the world? How do you see, hear, smell, taste, touch things?

What is your special gift?

What brings you joy?

Here's your action plan to guide you to craft your Creative Manifesto (slide to see each step):

Now it’s your turn: tell me friends, what brings you joy, what is your special gift?

I love to hear from you, and get to know what makes your heart sing, what lights you up!

For when you tap into your joy, your gifts shine a light on everyone around you my friends ☀️✨

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