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The creative journey is accessible to everyone. Creativity is a process of discovery ... and we all have to start somewhere, and sometimes start over and over again.

During the month of February, Rim Creative Studio organised a 30 days Daily Creativity Challenge for solidarity by helping those feeling distressed while supporting efforts to efforts Wuhan fight Coronavirus.

Despite the uncertain and stressful situation, by setting creative rituals, by sharing, motivating and inspiring each other, we became stronger, and we helped spreading a creative mindset in our community. Together, by allowing our creativity to flow, we were able to turn our confinement into a home creative retreat, thus fighting the gloominess of the coronavirus situation, and helping those in needs of a smile.

It has been an incredible experience, heart-warming, and it really kept me going. There were days where I was tempted to fall into depression, but knowing I was accountable to this beautiful group of people, it gave me the strength to pull myself up. And then, there was the pure delight of giving myself time for creative activities just for the sake of it, without a resulting product. This is really freeing!

I also loved the fact that so many participants became conscious of their own creative treasure, despite having had limited beliefs on the matter.

It is incredibly liberating!

Here’s what they’re saying about their experience:

I chose to donate all the proceeds to help Rotary International purchase medical protection material that was shipped to Wuhan hospitals. In such an uncontrollable situation, knowing that we contributed in whatever small way helped us to find our power back somehow.

Big thanks to everyone who participated!

In parallel, this extra time at home was the push I needed to get back to loom weaving.

Since we had been weaving together our outbreak story, everyday, since February, I had the idea to incorporate our creativity challenge into my textile work, since

I converted the participants creations into thin strips, that I wove together with fragments of my daily life: bits of yarns, silk, and denim (materials that I use regularly in my textile practice).

At the end of the weaving, I left the yarn of the warp blank, undone, as our story is continuing, and the rest has yet to be written...

The more we create together, the more we heal the word!

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