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End of Year Review: 15 Questions to Find Peace and Serenity

Updated: Jan 30


elements of the creative mind

I believe our quality of life depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. 

I love what astrologer Christopher Witecki was saying in his latest show: “you must plan your change/ plan how you’re going to change in 2024” - he said that specifically for Taurus suns, and well, I’m a Taurus (😉), but I think it applies to all of us, HSP creatives out there, who tend to overthink, suffer from self-doubt and feel overwhelmed.

Because when you’re in a deep state of confusion, it’s really hard to see how you can change. It kind of feels impossible, too much, even more overwhelming. Maybe you want to work on so many things at once, or maybe you feel like where you wanna go is way too far from where you are now.

Perhaps you’re just seeing all the reasons why it can’t happen…

Or you feel stuck in the loop of “I’m stuck, I’m confused, I feel lost, I don’t know what to do, it’s hopeless” that’s playing over and over again in your mind.

And well, it's pretty hard to be open to creative solutions when that tape is playing non-stop.

Therefore, I found that boldly jumping into The old New Year resolutions bandwagon is not helpful. 

After all, it’s like trying to plant a garden without learning anything about the soil, the climate, the current season - all important factors you’ve got to work with. 

I believe that’s why these resolutions never last.

We don’t really know why we’re doing them in the first place. Sure, get healthy is a great intention; do something creative too, but what does it really mean, specifically for you?

Why do you wanna get healthy in the first place? And do something creative?

What will this bring to your life? To your being? Where does it come from? Your mind? What society says you should do? What your friends say you should do?

Or is it coming from your heart, your gut?

Just like if you want to start a garden, do you want to plant one just because it’s pretty? You like the idea? It sounds cool?

Because if you wanna really have a garden, it’s gonna require work, knowledge, patience, time, energy… otherwise, you’ll be bound to quit as soon as something else comes up - an obstacle, challenge, another diversion, something cooler to do, etc…

So what would you do if you were to start growing a garden? 

What would you focus on to begin with?

I imagine you wouldn’t start from a totally blank slate, would you?

  • Perhaps there was something planted there before?

  • There’s already soil, how is it?  Some plants still left.

  • Are they thriving?

  • Are you going to keep them?

  • Do they belong to this garden you want to grow?

Even before deciding on what kind of garden you want to grow specifically, you’d probably make an inventory of all the conditions. Even before you think of all the steps you will implement.

So this month, I want to invite you to take an inventory of who you were this year. 

As I talked about in my podcast episode about life purpose (ep. 25 - How To Find Your Purpose) , it’s more about who we are rather than what we do.

Because when we’re clear on who we are, then the actions to take get clear. It all starts from within.
We no longer act out of fear, shame, guilt, other peoples expectations.

And there’s no point to hurry that stage. After all, in winter, the soil needs to rest. You don’t grow a garden in winter, do you!

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, well, I know this doesn’t apply to you since it’s summer for you 😉, but let’s take this symbolically, as the new year marks Change.

A new energy getting ready to come to life.

Or like the metaphor of the tree I used in that podcast episode 25, new buds are growing, but before they’re fully bloomed, they still need the lower branches, and a solid trunk, and healthy roots, to provide nourishment.  

And in line with this notion of rest, and let the earth rest, so that my garden will be able to grow on healthy foundations, I’ve decided to take a little break from podcasting, and work in general, this month.

I’m planning to rest until some time in January.

It’s not going to be about doing nothing only, but also about reflecting, pondering, going inward.

I want to be more intentional in 2024 about everything I do, so I'm really going to reflect on who I am at this moment, what I want, and the next phase will be about how I will get there. So really it’s going to be about planning my change!

And if you listen to my podcast or follow me on Instagram, you may say, Rim, you always talk about flow and not controlling things.

And that’s true, but planning doesn’t mean controlling.

When you’re growing a garden, you've got to make a plan. And there will still be a lot of unexpected events. But at least, you’re clear on where you want to go.
You’re open to learning along the way, and pivot whenever necessary, but with that structure in place, you have a map to refer to. You’re not growing all over the place.

And here, I want to redirect you to my podcast episode 28 about balancing masculine and feminine energies, and the main premise was that creativity (feminine energy, can get very unruly and end up being destructive, leads to chaos, if not supported with structure (masculine energy). 

Likewise, the flow of water can end up very destructive at times if not channeled properly.

And I feel like in 2023, I’ve experimented a lot, and it was great, it’s part of the creative process,  and I learned a lot, and saw what I enjoy and don’t enjoy doing, what works and doesn’t work, but now I start to feel a bit scattered and all over the place, so it’s time for reflecting on all that and draw some conclusions for the coming year. 

So, about this inventory, because as HSPs, we tend to beat ourselves up easily, and see what’s not working within, I want to suggest a half-full glass kind of inventory this time. 

I first heard of this idea from a french podcast, called Métamorphose, and I tried it, and loved it. 

I felt much happier about myself than when I did the half-empty kind of inventory. 

I found that focusing on what already works, helped me  and motivated me to keep going, and naturally, what doesn’t work becomes clear. 
Also, as the law of attraction says, like attracts like, and when adopting an abundance mindset, well, there is more where that cometh from. 

So, I suggest you do it right now with me, as you read each question.

Because it’s so easy to say I’m gonna do it later, and well, this later never happens, or at best, it happens 3 months later… and all that time it was a weight on my mind (like an after -taste of “I should do that, I know I should do that…/ taking up space in my energy and contributing to me feeling guilty (yuky feeling isn't it?).

Each question is centered around a word, an element, that I believe contributes to the health of our metaphorical garden. 

  1. LOVE - What people (and being) were the most loving to me?

  2. NURTURE -  where and when did I take care of my well-being?  For me, it’s been a lot about taking breaks during the day, taking up yoga again, daily meditation, self-soothing, making sure I have time for art, journaling, dancing to the moon, etc…

  3. INTEGRITY - Where did I set boundaries this year? Who with? When did I stick to them?  If we want to live in integrity with ourselves, with our needs, well, we need to protect our needs. Protect and nurture our energy. Especially around other people's emotions. I was very intentional this year in not letting people’s stuff get to me. That liberated so much space and energy for me.

  4. EXPERIMENT - What did I experiment with this year? What did I explore? 

  5. JOY - Did I enjoy myself this year? How so? When?

  6. PLAY - Where was I playful? When did I have fun?

  7. WONDER - What did I see with the eyes of a child? When did I allow myself to wonder?

  8. COURAGE - Where have I been ? What did I dare show up + do something scary even though it was not the perfect condition?

  9. GROWTH - What challenged me this year and what did I learn from it? What life lesson did I learn?

  10. DEPTH - Where did I go deep this year? Where did I go to/attempt to go to the bottom of things?

  11. PERSPECTIVES - What did I change my mind about? Where did I gain new perspectives?

  12. TRUST - How did I trust myself? How did I trust others? How did I trust life?

  13. EMOTIONS - What did I learn from my emotions this year?

  14. STORIES - What stories did I tell myself? How do they make me feel? Are they serving me? What about the stories I told others?

  15. CREATIVITY- When and where did I make space for my creativity? How did I express it?

And as a bonus, a 16th question, and that's not the least 😉

16. EMBODIMENT - Who do I need to become in order to do what I want to do next year?


I hope this helps you to spend the last few days of the year with more inner peace and serenity.

And if you're feeling like taking a break from it all, with a LOT of quiet time and breathing space, in a beautiful, regenerative environment.

If you’re feeling frustrated, depressed or even trapped by your circumstances, like life has lost its flavors, I’d love to invite you to join me and a small group of like-minded souls for a very special retreat in beautiful Provence for 5 magical days to reignite your dormant dreams and desires while cultivating new and exciting possibilities!


Embark on a regenerative and joyful immersion in the magical beauty of Provence - soak in its colors, textures, scents, sounds and flavors, and form meaningful connections with people who get you.


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