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Embrace Joy

Do you feel stuck at times?

We all go about our lives busy with day-to-day affairs, worrying about our goals and deadlines, and overwhelmed with endless phone distractions.

I’m not saying these are not important at times, but the truth is they can be real joy killers!

Could it be your thinking that may be stuck instead?

It’s time to take a fresh look and seek new viewpoints on things. Approach things with a curious mind, and see what happens.

Embrace joy now! Treat yourself to a heavy dose of humour and laugh your way forward!

Do fun, silly, enjoyable things that feel good, without expecting results, just for yourself.

When you remove pressure and expectations, you are free to experiment, and be fully yourself. That means you can more easily free yourself from the corner of your own mind.

Joy is hiding in plain sight, in everyday things, and it’s free! It doesn’t need to take time either.

Consider it as the purest gift you can give to yourself, out of sheer love.

Joy is an invitation to celebration, a state of grace, of pure presence.

And here is how you’re going to feel the more you practice finding joy in your every day: more free, more creative, more open to opportunities. You will notice that you’re more willing to try things out.

A creative mindset doesn’t have to be more than that, experimenting with an open mind, just for the sake of it. Seeing, listening, smelling, feeling a little more intensely what surrounds us.

Because there’s no more anxiety getting in the way, or a need to perform, you can create more time for all the things that make you feel good and actually bring out your best self.

No matter what happens in your life, deep down you’re a creative, joyful spirit.

So celebrate everything you enjoy my friends, open your heart and expect good things to come!

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