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A sweet, much-needed declaration of freedom

I love picking oracle cards every morning, as they're a playful yet powerful tool to connect with my intuition.

Today I picked « Repairing the veil » from the Shaman's dream by Colette Baron-Reid.

Of course, it was the perfect card to pick because not only it resonates with something going on in my family, but also with a feeling of unease I've had over the past few weeks regarding some of the messages spreading out there about HSPs.

I see a lot of content reinforcing the notion of separateness between « us », the Highly Sensitive People, and « them », aka the others, the « non-sensitive » out there, those who misunderstand us, those who insist on « making us suffer », on imposing their ways and their rules.

That doesn't sit well with me because this messaging is incredibly disempowering.

I understand that, though, because often, when attempting to balance things out, we're awkward and after being burnt-out one too many times, we tend to go overboard on the other direction.

A lot of my clients tell me how they used to do and say anything to not disappoint others, even if it meant negating their needs. They believe they have to put themselves either under or above someone else.

So now, their attempt at balancing out the energy is to over-correct and saying no to everything coming from others because they're worried to « be taken advantage of ».

It's the dynamic of perpetrator or victim, which keeps us in a disempowered position, constantly shrinking our behaviour according to what others do and say to us.

  • What if it was « us » and «them » instead?

  • What if the real power was if we, Highly Sensitive People could co-create with others, including the less Sensitive?

  • What would it look like if there was no victim, no perpetrator?

  • What is in your power?

I hope this perspective can help you to approach the holidays with more confidence and inner-peace my friend!

Much love,


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