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A Full Circle Moment

Updated: Jan 30

Crazy things happen when we surrender to divine timing - the magic of a full circle moment.

Some circumstances can be so uncanny at times. When things come full circle - you could have never planned it even if you had wanted to!


Now, we all have events from our younger years that deeply marked us - something that sparked joy in us but somehow got marked by sorrow, so we “decided” that it wasn't meant to be. 

Perhaps it's something we deem only linked to childhood and that we need to drop it once “grown up”.


But what is truly for you will never pass you by: you never know when life brings you to a place you've been before, only this time you've grown so much. 

And this time, you can choose differently.


Just like when my parents divorced and I never got to see our loving family dog again. Years later I almost adopted a dog but the rescue lady took him away from me after one night (the foster family had a change of heart).

Although I was heartbroken, I decided to surrender to the circumstances and told myself that I'll know if and when is the right moment for me to have a dog. 


And that moment came years later, this New Year's Eve precisely.

I was coming back from my daily beach walk when I came across a lanky dog, with the most beautiful eyes ever.

I fed her; she looked at me with such a deep, kind look, and then I felt a voice within me that said “this is your dog”.

And it turns out she accepted me pretty quickly as her human!

A beautiful, loving full circle moment.

two dogs playing with a happy human


There's nothing like divine timing: you never know when the right things for you come along. 

It may not happen right away, but it will happen eventually. 

Sometimes, it takes a day, 3 months, sometimes 1 year, sometimes 10 or 20 years. 

In the meantime, our job is to trust the process. 

To dream, set our intentions, plant the seeds, do your part and see what happens. 


And when we feel trapped by our emotions and our sensitivity, while it looks like everyone else is getting on with their life, light and unencumbered by such heaviness, we may need an ally who gets you and who's been there.

Things can change, you can dream it up all over again.

With guidance, it doesn't have to take forever and be overwhelming either.

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