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☀️ Enhance your wellbeing and inner peace 

☀️ Learn how to process your emotions healthily

☀️ Create a strong, solid foundation that nurtures your sensitivity & creativity

☀️ Improve your relationship with yourself - develop your self-worth

☀️ Build courage and inspiration to take actions with integrity

☀️ Developing trust in your ability to create innovative ways to overcome obstacles

☀️ Connect with like-minded people in a welcoming and friendly space

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Are you a creative Highly Sensitive Person held back by overthinking, self-doubt and intense emotions?

It’s been a wild ride to get to where I am today but I’m living proof that it’s possible to make your high sensitivity a strength, to better process difficult emotions and grow your confidence, so you can feel free to fully and authentically show up in your life - be it in your creative expression or your relationships  – and I’m going to guide you how to do the same!



In Module 1, you will learn how to build a strong foundation for your sensitive soul to feel safe, so that you can explore your creativity and soul’s essence with less fear.  As you distance yourself from society’s conditioning and overwhelm, you’ll quickly begin to realize what you bring to the table as a Creative and Sensitive Soul, so that you can reconnect to what lights you up, brings you joy, gives you purpose, with what makes you uniquely you. 


Digging deeper into your identity.

You’re going to be exploring your values, your beliefs, your personality, what makes up your uniqueness. No more squandering your own creative energy by investing in the lives, dreams, and plans of others. So you can begin to experience all that is possible for you. 


Looking at what worked and what didn’t work in the past

In Module 2, you will be encouraged to put on your detective hat’s while you dig deep and inquire about/take the inventory of the events you experienced, the stories in our collective memory, and the stories of the relationships you have had. You will learn how to identify the thoughts identified to your circumstances and how to shift the stories we write about ourselves to regain a new sense of power and dignity. So you can begin to write a new story that acknowledges your evolution. 


Rewire your brain to create what you want with ease.

You will learn and integrate new tools, strategies and encode new empowering beliefs into your subconscious minds so that you can strengthen and protect your energy. As your confidence grows, you’ll be able to access your flow more often.

Pillar 3: NURTURE

Getting to navigate your Emotions and Feelings

You’re going to explore the ways your subconscious avoids uncomfortable feelings, in other words your defense mechanism. Module 3 is all about breaking the looping pattern of the damage building up of repressed feelings that result in overwhelm, for what we resist persists.  All the while maintaining a sense of safety by learning how to soothe and regulate your sensitive nervous system. 

Module 6: THRIVE

Taking Aligned Actions
This is where you establish priorities and clear objectives aligned with your desires. You reinforce your new subconscious beliefs through taking action and making decisions from a place of high self-worth. So that you can glow and flow, and thrive in your career and in your relationships. 

In June 2021, when I mustered the courage to quit my full-time job as fashion designer (a childhood dream), with the intention to recover from yet another burn-out and emotional rock-bottom and find joy again, little did I know the wild ride it would take to get to where I am today.

I promised myself that I’ll do anything in my power to become the person I’d need to be in order to live the fulfilling life I had always wanted but always fell short of. 

It was time for radical changes. 

Before that, I had already been on the personal development journey for more than 10 years, and while there was progress, I was still missing the most important piece of all, the fact that I am a High Sensitive Person. 


Over the past 2 years, I have learned that it's more important to go within to discover and release all the barriers I had built against my high sensitivity. I thought it was a curse, but I found out it’s a gift. 


Before then, I wanted so badly to feel fulfilled in my career and my relationships that it never occurred to me that I might be covertly working against it. In finally looking within to discover my extreme sensitivity and how I had tried to suppress it was at the source of my painful relational patterns, I began to clearly see the subtle ways this very same sensitivity was trying to bring me back to my truth.


That’s when I understood there’s a big difference between following the career you have dreamed of and living the life you have dreamed of. Frustration and chaos were part of my daily experience. 


By consciously releasing these hidden barriers to inner peace and fulfillment, I began more truly available to create a path more aligned with my authentic self.


I began each day with a specific practice that allowed me to align my life with my intentions. I began experimenting and adapting techniques and principles from my creative design practice into my daily life. Things started to shift. Then I stumbled upon NLP and hypnosis, which helped me gain even more clarity and the confidence I needed to show up authentically. 

One by one, I identified and released the blocks I’d had for years yet was unaware of. 

Little by little, the inner work I was doing began shifting my external reality. 

By embracing my high sensitivity, I developed a better relationship with myself, raising my self-worth and developing self-confidence, learned how to better process my emotions and to release my former need to overthink, over-work and over-do. 

The gift of sensitivity_edited.jpg


It’s been a wild ride to get to where I am today but I’m living proof that it’s possible to make your high sensitivity a strength, to better process difficult emotions and grow your confidence, so you can feel free to fully and authentically engage in your relationships and careers  – and I’m going to teach you how to do the same!

I may know a lot about personal development and HSPs but I’m not your average expert. I love making the inner work relatable, creative and enjoyable. And just like in my art practice, I’m dedicated to help you shape your life experiences, sculpt its lines, add colors, texture and volume to it, so that it aligns authentically with who you truly are.

So that you feel empowered to harness your creative energy to express yourself. Weaving together more sensitivity into a world that needs it so much. Along with a good dose of humor, because everything flows better when we’re having fun!

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